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Councils, OEH, and other government agencies use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for mapping of a range of items such as land ownership, roads, vegetation and bushfire prone land.  A hand held Global Positioning System (GPS) uses satellite radio signals to calculate its position on the ground, and can thus record point locations and traces for features such as roads.



Vegetation mapping

Native vegetation is usually mapped by interpretation of air photos, and as such is an approximation of the true nature of the vegetation on your land.  A site analysis for a management plan or Development Application requires a detailed and accurate map.  Vegetation needs to be mapped as type (e.g. forest, heath, woodland), name and condition class.  Location of particular plants is needed when threatened species occur, so that they can be dealt with appropriately.



Bushfire Hazard mapping

Bushfire Prone Land maps are prepared by the Commissioner for Rural Fire Service and made available to every council.  Most councils have this on their web site.  This is an approximation of the true nature of the hazard on your land.  Abel Ecology can create a precise map to show the true extent of hazard and its condition.



Fauna Habitat mapping

Particular fauna habitat types of interest for management are dead trees, hollow-bearing trees, water courses, water bodies, rock outcrops and fallen logs.  Sometimes a particular point is special, such as a hilltop breeding site for butterflies, or koala feed trees, and these can be accurately plotted by GPS.

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