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A wonderful site for education for children.  A former student of Danny, Steve Boys has wide experience and expertise in reptiles.  Steve shows where passion for wildlife can lead you.




A basic site to find out about the current weather in any area of Australia, as well as summaries of past weather and forecasts.




This should be on all favourite listings. The Community Access to Natural Resources Information site gives you data on flora, fauna, soils, water and vegetation, etc. Most useful.




Gives some handy tools e.g. converting latitude/longitude to UTM, etc.




The ERIN (Environmental Resources Information Network) site is a portal to many natural and cultural heritage databases e.g. register of important wetlands, land cover changes, National Vegetation Information System.




Yes, a key to class ants to subfamily.




Department of Lands' Spatial Information eXchange viewer (SIX) can view any property by DP, address, LGA, shire and more.  For viewing on screen only, or for purchasing maps.




Gives an estuaries database for all of Australia with condition, exact location, geomorphology etc.




This is the site for Geoscience Australia and provides a wealth of information e.g. place name search, distance calculator, free downloads of maps of geology, topography, regolith, environmental etc, as well digital elevation data.




Gives information for over 50 families extracted from nine volumes of Flora of Australia.


NSW RFS Building and Environment web page
  Provides a host of useful documents for development applications pertaining to bushfire, e.g. Planning for Bushfire Protection, Guidelines for Single Dwelling Developments, etc.


Issues Paper 25 (2004) - Expert Witnesses
  A number of aspects of the conduct of an expert witness are described by the Law Reform Commission.


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